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. we'll talk about in a bit. that's fact checking michele bachmann on healthcare. [ applause ] i will make you do it in your sleep blindfolded. >> i could use a nap. >> stephanie: too easy for you in the first place. here she is with the news, jacki schechner. >> good morning. when the supreme court convenes tomorrow to hear arguments on california's gay marriage ban chief roberts gay cousin will be there. that cousin is a lesbian living in san francisco who wants to get married. she and her partner grace, have been together four years. chief justice roberts knows she's gay and she's hoping to introduce him to grace. the two will be in court on wednesday to hear the arguments challenging doma. the chief justice is a good, smart man and she believes he will make the right decision to help legalize same-sex marriage. >> senator clair mcmccaskill uses her tumbler page, the missouri democrat has come to the conclusion the government should not have a right to limit marriage between two people who love each other. she writes good people disagree with me on the other hand, my children
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1